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Examples of design 031 - 040

Heilige Birmakatzen von der Kreuzhorst

Marina Handke invites you to make a ramble through her hobby breed of "Holy Birma Cats".

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Albatros Apotheke, Bremen

The Albatros pharmacy at Bremen presents on her websites,
among other things, her team, her services and actions.

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Border Terrier vom Kreutzkamp, Uetze - Hänigsen

Please get more knowledge on the breed of Border Terrier, Borderterrier pups and the success of Border Terrier of the
family Kamer at national competitions.

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Karl-Heinz Maue Transporte, Emmerthal

The transport company Karl-Heinz Maue at Emmerthal near Hameln offers a large package of services. It includes courier services, transfer to the airport, carriage of passengers and small transports.

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Heinrich Recker GmbH & Co. KG, Hameln

Since more than 100 years the traditional company has been delivered the professional handcraft, industry and the communities with the large assortments of technical convenience goods, drive engineering, protection of labour, factory equipment, rubber and synthetic articles, tools and all-round industrial technic.

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Torzentrum* Rahlmeyer GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen

* transl.: door center

The specialist company and supplier for: garage doors, industrial gates, yard gates, drive engineering, fence systems, fire prevention doors, high water protection, gates and gate drives. The "Torzentrum Rahlmeyer" is a customer orientated company. We offer you a capacity strong and flexible service for your customers coming from the industry, private and the state.

Our services include consulting, sale, complete mounting and repair as well as service for nearly all kind of gates and drive systems.

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