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Examples of design 091 - 100

Walter und Charlotte Hamel Stiftung, Hannover

The Walter and Charlotte Hameln foundation was founded in the
year 2004 and attends to the promotion of top talents especially young singers female or male, mainly in the category classic.

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Erlebniswelt* Großmann, Duingen

* transl.: world of adventure

In case of beach chairs, garden furniture, satchel, housewares,
glas, parcelain, cutlery or the big assortment of toys - the world of adventure Großmann is known for a big choice in the area of Duingen, Alfeld, Einbeck, Holzminden, Höxter, Hildesheim, Hameln, Northeim and even Hannover.

Friendly specialist councelling, good label products, fair prices as well as atmospheric shopping event for the whole family is waiting for you.

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Niebuhr Holzbau - Zimmerei GmbH, Celle

* transl.: woodwork - carpentry

Niebuhr Holzbau includes a traditional carpentry and a modern woodwork resp. wooden house construction. The carpentry builds
and modernize wooden houses, roofs, framework, low energy houses, summer houses, winter garden, terrace roofings, carports, stairs, fences and much more.

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PL - Personalleasing GmbH Hochstift, Paderborn

The PL Personalleasing GmbH is a temporary employment company, where every member of staff is being considered as an individual personality and not as a number. With this maxim the company has been working successfully in the market since 2002. Not only in case of losses of labour due to illness, but also in case of shortage of staff this company is generally the right contact partner.

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