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Examples of design 231 - 240

Rats-Apotheke* Lehrte, Lehrte

* transl.: print service

Information of our pharmacy - we consult you individually and professionally. We inform you individually and professionally around the themes of medicare and medicine. It is self-understanding, that we take part of further training regularly to different themes for our actual level of knowledge. Our ambition is to take care of our customers with all their wishes and questions optimally. The pharmacy at Lehrte is at our your disposal with its motivated and educated staff, who evaluates an extensive consultation. Please put your questions - we would like to be at your disposal with our knowledge of healthcare.

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Zelte E. Göttig GmbH, Fuldatal

* transl.: tents

If you plan a little garden party for 25 persons or a big event with more than 10.000 guests: we take care for the relevant frame, punctual and reliabale, beginning with the party tent, the adequate chairs and the toilet container. A successful event depends on many factors. Two of them are the right party tent or the tent area and the equipment. As already the first impression of the guests is essential for the good feeling and the atmosphere.

With more than 15.000 square meter of excellently well-tended tent area in different executions we are well equipped and serve for example VIP-events, concerts, fairs and many other events. At the same time we put also store and sale tents at your disposal or take care for your building site roofing.

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Kutzner Optoelektronik, Hameln

* transl.: medical practice

If saver loose precious time at night, most often a too dark or not illuminated house number is responsible. Have you already sought a house in the dark, which has taken very long, because you could not find or read the house number? That's not necessary. Each house can be find with a well illuminated house number.

k-opto offers you individually made house numbers with integrated LED-illumination, which is being switched-on automatically in the twilight. Long searching for your house drops immediately and you are safe wiht our products.

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Kirschstein Ferienwohnung in Sehlendorf, Ostsee

Entfliehen Sie dem stressigen Alltag und erleben Sie einen unvergesslichen Ostsee Urlaub in der Ferienwohnung Kirschstein in Sehlendorf / Hohwachter Bucht. Legen Sie einfach mal Ihre Beine im Strandkorb hoch, lauschen dem Rauschen der Wellen und lassen den feinen, weißen Sand durch ihre Finger rieseln. Die helle, Licht durchflutete Ferienwohnung der Familie Kirschstein in Sehlendorf erfüllt Ihnen genau das - ideal für kleine Familien, Senioren, Urlauber, die Entspannung suchen, oder Gäste, die einen abwechslungsreichen Urlaub erleben wollen.

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Rechtsanwaltkanzlei Thilo Stollberg, Hameln

* transl.: advocate's chancellery

Our slogan is: "We entitle you to your right". This should make clear, that we stand behind our clients with all our power and our experience in our chancellery at Hameln and our district office at Bodenwerder.

To this belongs first of all the formulation of a specific strategy, which must not lead necessarily to a judicial process. Quite contrary: We can reach most often acceptable and short dated solutions by conflict avoidance. I as your advocate at Hameln have the necessary experience to be at your side together with my assistants.

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Leibing GmbH & Co. KG, Holzminden

Since 60 years our master factory offers you all services around the electronic installations, electronic devices, electronic technics, data technics, television receiver devices, kitchen and kitchen devices, industrial mountings as well as large repair and service demands in the whole area of Holzminden and Höxter.

Good consulting service, especially for technical products and services, is enormously important even in our today's world with a nearly exhaustless market. Therefore a specially trained expert personal consults you. Our friendly and motivated staff executes all works punctually and reliably for you.

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Marten GmbH Tischlerei & Zimmerei, Porta Westfalica

* transl.: carpentry

The carpentry Marten GmbH works in a traditional and modern kind of construction. As a competent master firm we are at your disposal with a range of wooden frame constructions, energetic reconstruction and many other services around carpentry work.

Many satisfied customers from the surroundings of Minden - Lübbecke, Herford, Lippe, Bielefeld, Schaumburg and Hannover make use of our reliable and competent services again. Please look on our website and forage for that we can offer you. We consult you subject-specifically and according to the demand of your project.

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Werner & Habermalz, Goslar

If you have questions to the themes orthopaedics, prosteses, orthoses, blade trackings, orthopaedic insoles, compression therapy, rehabilitation, medical appliances for daily life, blood pressure meter, massage devices, thermal underwear,(MBT = Massai Barfuß Technologie) Masai Barefoot Technology and Chung Shi-shoes, wellness, fitness, and much more - we, of the team Werner and Habermalz, your sanitary house, your orthopaedic at Goslar, are at your side with words and deeds and we like to answer you questions.

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