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Webdesign solutions for large enterprises

Webdesign solutions for large enterprises

Due to a 13 years' experience in the frame of projection of "big" solutions of our webmaster we can refer to many reference solutions in this range.

Several awards within its usability, a thousand times of number of visitors within a few years or long-lasting placing under one milliard hits at Google are here the main focus.

The staff of piperweb.de have the experience to develop creative and professional website interface solutions, which correspond to your purposes. We are able to consider your Corporate Identity layout regulations creatively and conclusively within the solutions developed by us.

The requirements of placings at Google generally are very high. A national and/or international placing at Google has to be considered. The hit volume at Google regularly covers many million hits.

The use of a Content Management System/CMS is generally necessary. The main focus is here at a simple and intuitive handling of the system by your staff. It should also be guaranteed that information being published in the internet by the Content Management System are considered by search engines like Google.

Even the administrative sector of the system chosen by us has to be handled without special knowledge. Besides a comfortable user administration, a founded legal administration and an Extranet-usability the system has also to dispose of an integrated media databank. Moreover it has to be guaranteed a modular installation on basis of a LAMP-system and thus a corresponding extensibility. The strict separation of layout and contents is also obligatory.

Please understand that we do not submit offers upon written inquiries. Exception is the submission of a specification sheet as basis for the calculation.

piperweb.de offers you the possibility of a conversation at your premises free of charge and without engagement.

Please contact our staff still today and arrange an appointment for a consulting conversation.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Please ask for an analysis free of charge of your existing website as basis for a consulting conversation.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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