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Webdesign solutions for medium-sized businesses

Webdesign solutions
for medium-sized businesses

According to our experience the requirement in an internet presentation of a medium-sized business is to present themselves n the internet seriously, economically priced and actually.

A high recognition of the Corporate Design within the frame of the layout of presentation, a good usability, a quick page loading time and a legal secure imprint are also obligatory.

Requirements in finding of the website are generally restricted to a local up to a national TOP placing at Google. That means that you are placed at Google among the first 30 hits with senseful item combinations (service - place/region, product - place/region).

The hit volume at Google has already several hundred thousands hits. In case of Confederation-wide placing with single items we generally are situated with serveral million hits at Google.

It has to be considered, if the use of a Content Management System/CMS makes sense to enter actual data via a news action and/or reference division by own staff. If the total product catalogue should be shown in the internet in future, the use of such a system is essential.

Which factors playing a role for a Top placing at Google, is only of interest, if some hundred Euro were spent "senselessly" one time to extend the own website by keywords (search engine keywords) and to register with search engines.

In this case a consulting without engagement and an analysis of the existing website free of charge has priority for piperweb.de. And also this is valid here: Only if you "understand" how mechanisms and users work in the internet, you are able to evaluate the chances for your enterprise in the right way.

Please understand that we do not submit offers upon written inquiries. Exception is the submission of a specification sheet as basis for the calculation.

piperweb.de offers you the possibility of a conversation at your premises free of charge and without engagement. Within this consulting meeting our staff will be able to evaluate the investment and can make reliable price indications.

You should request necessarily for offers from other providers before this consulting conversation with our staff. Please ask in any case also for reference addresses.

Please contact our staff still today and arrange an appointment for a consulting conversation.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Our consulting is absolutely clearly understandable also for traders without any knowledge in the theme internet.

Please ask for an analysis of your existing website free of charge being the basis of this consulting conversation.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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