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Webdesign by piperweb.de

Webdesign solutions for small companies

Webdesign solutions for small companies

piperweb.de developed for many freelancers and small businesses internet presentations.

According to our experience small companies usually require an internet presentation, which is serious and cheap.

Due to the fact, that they have only little or no experience with the internet (due to lack of time) a top placing at Google normally is not a problem. They think that this is only for large enterprises, because it is too expensive.

This is the reason for piperweb.de to give high priority to the consulting without engagement. If you "understand", which possibilities will result for your business in the internet, you are willing to do an adequate investment.

After the consulting conversation requirements to the placing at Google are limited to a regional finding. That means that you are placed at Google with senseful term combinations (service - place- product - place). The volume of hits at Google is therefore very low.

In a limited range the presentation is being held on a current level via a range of news, action and references. This enables the presentation to grow continually in the volume of information and thus to improve the finding. Firm conditions for modifications give security to our customers that they will not loose sight of the costs at a single blow.

Most often a corporate design of the company does not exist. Therefore the designer of piperweb.de develop a layout on basis of the existing pictures, which reflects the theme of the website in a high extent. The visitor should recognize on one view, which products or services are offered.

In many cases we already developed also logo and business equipment due to our moderate pricing.

piperweb.de does not submit offers upon written inquiries coming from the internet!

We offer you a meeting at your premises free of charge and without engagement for you.
During this consulting meeting we are able to evaluate time and effort and to give you reliable price indications.

Please contact our staff still today and agree a date for a meeting with us.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Our consulting service will help you to understand the internet and its users better.

We enable you to evaluate chances of the internet for your company by yourself.

Understandable for the workman and without gobbledygook.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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