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Up-to-dateness of your internet presentation.

Actuality of an internet presentation

The internet enables you and your company to publish new information on your company very fast and very cost-saving (in comparison to the Medium Print). Actual projects, which may interest potential new customers, references, product novelties, technical data sheet or general news.

On behalf of a good customer support and a good customer binding, but also in the range of a good search engine positioning you should always provide actual information. At the search engine AltaVista you can see very good, that the search engines know, if an internet presentation was updated within the last 48 hours.

If you are not interested in informing your customers on actual themes, why should a search engine (resp. its operator) be interested to place hopeless old information at the highest place of the result lists?

piperweb.de enables you to actualize your presentation always at clear fixed prices.

For many small companies, but also for medium-sized enterprises, the use of an editorial system is not profitable as a first step of a company's presentation in the internet (resp. Content Management Systems - CMS), which enables the customer to maintain and to increase the website by himself.

We know among a not being clear number of providers of such systems only a few systems, which guarantee simpliest handling in connection with highest finding of contents. Shoud you think of the use of a system, we should like to consult you.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Without actual contents no continuing good positioning of your internet presentation at Google and no continuing customer binding via the internet.

Indeed the use of the wrong editorial system may lead o the loss of finding.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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