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The browser and platform indepency of your internet presentation.

Browser and platform independency

Also this point is neglected from most of agencies. The graphic designer of a print agency generally works with a Mac-system, the good programmer on a LINUX-system and the web designer on a Windows system.

But on which browser and operating system your internet pages are regarded?

In many cases presentations are being created by the developers, which are shown optimally only in their working area - but how many employees of a medium-sized enterprise work on a MAC-system? Your are right, below one percent.

In many other cases of conversion internet presentations are only shown correctly on the internet explorer. In case of a user you once load an internet worm into your company's network (just by regarding a website), you will never work with the internet explorer in the future again. For sure this is also a reason, why more than 30 % of users surf/browse with Mozilla-Firefox in the internet.

The web designer of piperweb.de are programming your website in such a way, that it is being shown browser and platform independantly.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Without cost intensive audience analysis you can only suppose vaguely with which browser and operating system your potential customer seizes to your internet presentation.

Do not give away unnecessary customer potential.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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