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The conception of an internet presentation is the determining factor for the finding

Conception of an internet presentation

Even in case of very small presentations you have to consider conceptionally already before designing and programming among which criteria the presentation should be found later and which marketing-strategical purposes the internet presentation should satisfy. Unless your presentation should only serve the image or should be information platform for already existing contacts.

With the size of a presentation also the pretension to Interfacedesign grows as well as usability of a website. It is a big difference, if you develop a 15-pages Website or a Website with 1.500 pages. Moreover it is a big difference, if the Website below 500.000 hits should be placed at Google long-lasting under the top 30 or 50.000.000 and/or 1 milliard hits.

The latter provides a very extensive conception on basis of multi-language presentations under own top-level-domains, several thousand pages information volume, an intelligent link-management and the use of a Content Management System.

On this occasion we do not wish to tell you only what is possible, but to invite you to come to our premises at Hameln. We will show you many own Website projects with Google TOP-placings among many millions of hits. Some over the years long-lasting TOP-placed websites also under "50 millions" and/or "1 milliard hits" at Google.

Please test us. We should like to visit also you at your company in order to consult you without responsability.

The team of piperweb.de consults you professionally with regards to the marketing-strategical purpose of your internet presence. Upon request we determine together with you the necessary tools for a top placing at Google.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Without concept the expected success will not materialize and/or the investment done will not amortise.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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