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The content of a presentation is of essential importance for the positioning at the search engines

Content of an internet presentation

As already mentioned before, more than 71 % of internet users look for service provider and product information in the internet. More than 36 million German citizens every week!

Thereby it is important, that the user will find exactly that information on "your Website", for which he is looking for via search engines. Afterwards he may look directly for further information respectively for an offer.

Moreover the contents of a presentation is extremely important for the positioning a the search engines, expecially at Google.

But the human being realises this information completely different than a search engine. Therefore, at this point, for reasons of functionality and orientation, also typography has to be considered (for example: tracking of continous text, contrast, type size, headings etc.).

As not every businessman was born for writing, our team will help you upon request to arrange the necessary editorial contents. Of course, we will help you with the methodic realisation of the text upon request.

Web Design by piperweb.de

A high finding of a homepage can only be achieved for a long time, if you are also informed extensively on products and services.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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