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The design of a website and the logo design

Logo design

The opportunities a modern computer offers are most often invitingly. The promises of Sofware manufacturers let expect something mirabilis: "A business card in only five minutes", "Note paper easily made", or "Professional layouts for unrestricted use". The temptation is big and especially the ambitioned businessman of smaller companies likes to use mouse and keyboard by himself.

For the first time he may believe to save money, however, the success of a comany mainly depends on image and appearance. If a logo made in word will lead to a successful external presentation of the company is doubtful.

The book "Cooking for gourmets" will not turn a hobby cook to a star cook, and a graphical software does not deliver the necessary basics of script readabillity, unconscious colour impression or paper behaviour.

Therefore it is worthwhile to contact a professional agency despite higher costs who can consult you capably in all these points and who knows how to realise your wishes and ideas depending on your audience.

Most often a businessman does not know how much he can save by a well-done Coporate Design Concept.

If logo and colours are fixed design frames for letter sheets, business cards, advertisements and internet presentations can be created, which avoids a repeated long-lasting layouting. Thus for example advertising wishes from your side can be realised quickly. The visual unity of your Corporate Design guarantees a high recognition value as well as the difference of your competing companies.

Reliability and serious presentation are also important factors which should make a Corporate Design an essential part of your company.

We whould like to analise with you in a converation the image of your company until now in order to develop possible alternatives to your existing Corporate Design by means of an audience analysis and target-performance comparison.

Of course, we lay also the foundation stone with you for a successful young enterprise and support you with the design of the external image as an additional column for your later withsuccess.

Please contact us!

Emotions and stable values: print advertising

Companies who only count on a media catagory with their advertising campaigns, spend advertising money. This is the result of a study being made by the "VDZ Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger" which was presented in collaboration with the "Frankfurter Media Agentur Mindshare"on the "Forum Werbewirkung 2005"at Frankfurt.

The right mixture of print and online advertising is an important part of a successful company's management. Although the term search engine marketing becomes more and more important, we need medai which communicate value, quality and seriosity. Printed words and pictures still have here precious advantages: They carry emotions and distinguish by their direct presence and "comprehension".

The opportunities of print advertising are multifaceted and creativity has not limits. You may reach your audience by image brochures, direct mailings and the use of advertisements.

Please take care that the chosen print medium, paper or possible print refinements are suitable for your company as well as for the Corporate Design.

We gladly help you with the choice of suitable pint media, the realisation of your Corporate Design and the following print execution considering the audience and the desired advertising effect.

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