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Imprint duty for your internet presentation - requirements for the imprint of the website

Imprint duty

The imprint duty is often a neglected must for the websites. If you present yourself as a company with an own website in the internet, you are obliged according to TDG and TDDSG already since 2002 to give corresponding provider identifications on the imprint of the website to the visitor. Please realise your presentation by one of your own employees (webmaster or webdesigner), then you are self responsible for the maintenance of the legal prescriptions (Imprint Duty) "without restriction".

If, however, the homepage is being realised by an external service provider against payment, if it is the duty of the service provider to draw your attention to the imprint duty. However, you may not expect an entire legal advice from your internet agency, this is reserved to the corresponding advocats.

The crux, however, is that internet agencies are not obliged to deliver a qualification proof - as for example a master butcher, who may not run his own store without master examination. Although professional education in the IT-range exists, wherein knowledge on corresponding data protection terms is being communicated, everybody who ever heart the word "internet" may act as a webdesign agency, webmaster, webdesigner, etc.

Therefore please check very carefully the internet pages, especially the imprint duty of the web designer, whom you may give your order and mainly the already realised reference pages of the service provider. During the last 2 years many webdesigner and agencies "repaired" their pages, but obviously forgot their customers!

We state still today, that the theme "requirements in the imprint" is being neglected considerably mainly by the smaller companies. Therefore please find below some links carrying you on to this theme:

Complete edition of the Telemediengesetz (translation: telemedia law) (TMG)

Preface to the theme data protection

Digi-Info offers a web imprint assistant free of charge, with which you can create an imprint with only few steps for many professions and legal forms.

Kanzlei (translation: office) Härting offer a FAQ to the imprint duty with short and to the point answers to the most import questions.

Rechtsanwälte (translation: advocats) Beckmann und Norda with an extensive knowledge on the theme right in the internet with a large collection of relevant judgements.

Tips to legal questions in the world wide web
and relevant judgements on imprint/imprint duty

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