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The Legal security in the internet.

Legal security in the internet

Since 1st january 2002 already companies are obligated to make statements on their own website like name of company, address, telephone/fascimile number, Email address (provider identification/imprint) according to TDG and TDDSG.

On 1st march 2007 telemedia law (TMG) has become effective, which however annulates different old regulation works, as for example the Teledientsgesetz (Teleservices Act) (TDG), the Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz (TSSDG) (Teleservices Data Protection Act) as well as the Mediendienststaatsvertrag (MDSTV) (media data treaty). Besides the teleservices and media services there exists additionally also tele media.

As the TDG was annulated, statements like "obligatory data acc. to § 6 TDG" should be cancelled in the imprint of your website.

Unfortunately we state when looking through other websites, that many companies presentations reproduce the necessary information incomplete and wrong. Incomplete and wrong indications may become expensive. Therefore we collected more information on imprint obligations for you on another page.

How expensive missing statements may become, shows a resolution of the Landgericht (County Court) Düsseldorf. In an actual case a salesman offered on his website www.tele-zubehoer.de a fixed disc video recorder and forgot to state the necessary provider identification. The Landgericht (County Court) Düsseldorf forbade him to operate the page without imprint and fixed the value of claim to € 25.000,--. The salesman had to pay for the action fees.

Besides the provider identification you have also to consider further things in order not to violate the competition law. According to respective judgements it is forbidden to obain competition advantages against other providers by saving of a describing internet page (as for example Tauchschule (diving school)-duesseldorf.de).

On this occasion we should also mention the consideration and observance of copyrights of text and picture information as well as the Disclaimer-hint (exclusion of liability for external/linked contents).

piperweb.de considers when realising company presentations all necessary legal restrictions in order to guarantee our customers highest possible legal security.

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A cheap presentation may become very expensive in certain cases, if you get a warning from your competition.

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