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Short loading times and a quick page reproduction.

Page load time - quick page reproduction

Do not torture the visitors of your websites with slow and jerkey reproduction of contents and pictures of your websites.

According to the online study of ARD/ZDF from 08/2006 there was a strong increase in DSL accesses during the last years, but actually still 49 % of all internet users have an ISDN access or a modem in the internet - frankly spoken "they are going by foot".

In order not to annoy this big part of internet users with too long page loading time and therefore to risk, that the loading proceedure of your website is being interrupted, we leave out unnecessary gadgetry like flash or animated Gif's. Moreover the right comprimising of graphics contributes to a quick page reproduction.

Things, which may increase unnecessarily the loading time of a page:

  • many big grapics
  • the wrong graphic formate
  • the wrong or an insufficient compromising of the pictures
  • gIF animations
  • flash animations
  • sound
  • java-plugins
  • bad server connection (Webhosting)

The team of piperweb.de makes your internet presentations according to the American principle of "killer-sites". Therefore your pages will be shown already after shortest time. Even if your customer logs in with his laptop via his (very slow) handy access into the internet.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Time is money and in case of a business presentation the main thing is business and not something like gadgetry, which takes additional time.

Only approx. 50 % of
users have a DSL access!

webdesign by piperweb.de

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