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The programming of an internet presentation.

Programming of an internet presentation

We come to the next point of programming of your presentation. If the programming of your presentation is made by means of the wrong technic, tracing at the search engines may be totally excluded (for example menue presentation via Flash and Java).

In case of many company's presentations we also state, that the viewer is being constrained to download and to install any Plugins (additional programs) in order to get the content shown.

piperweb.de sets consequently on the separation of content and layout by means of CSS when realising websites. Thus we are working with higher efficiency, which reflects to our prices of pages.

Programmers of Piperweb.de only use Plugins, if an alternative HTML-presentation is not sufficient to transmit the desired information to their audience. (for example Quicktime - 360-degrees-views for achitecture-presentations, flash animation in the content range, etc.) Thereby the finding of a presentaiton may not be devalued.

Web Design by piperweb.de

In most of companies
only the administrator
is allowed to install additional programs
resp. it is totally

webdesign by piperweb.de

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