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Ranking by the right search in the internet.

Right search in the internet

Let us come to the theme of the right search. Each search for information begins always with that you already know.

Think about the term, which plays the central role of your search, but do not hold necessarily on this one term (only if it is a special term). Then please determine further terms or look for them, which precise your search further and help to isolate the results. These can be synonyms or further special terms.

Sometimes it will be helpful to skim the result pages of the search engines to determine further search terms. Your list should contain a number of words, which relate to each other anyway.


You are looking for a certain service provider (carpenter) in your city (Hameln).

When I now open the start page of Google, I can already limit the search room there (search: the web, pages in German, pages from Germany) - in case of a search for pages from Germany only results with the ending ".de" are shown (Top Level/Domain).

However, also a German carpenter can order a "com" domain and presents himself under this domain. It is better to limit the search by stating a second search term (Hameln).

The inquiry to Google will be then "carpenter hameln."

Should the carpenter be also specialist for slated roofs, the inquiry shoud be: "carpenter hameln slated roofs".

Thus the number of hits will be reduced from initially 50.900 hits for the combination "carpenter hameln" to 33 hits for the combination "carpenter hameln slated roofs".

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Please combine absolutely different terms with each other to set limits to the search.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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