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The ranking of an internet presentation by search agencies in the internet.

Search services in the internet

In order to be able to inform you on something more about the right search in the internet, you should know first of all, to whom you wish to direct your search inquiry.

Therefore we wish here to go into detail to the different kinds of search services without explaining the theme too much technically. Generally you can differ between three kinds of search services (and combinations thereof):

  • manually made catalogues
  • robot indices
  • special search services

The last mentioned ones become more and more important in the today's information research.

If you put now the question, "which is the best search engine?" So you can only answer: The search engine which brings me to the right sides and/or to such information which is important for me."

According to newest studies already 80 % of the German people used the search engine Google in June 2006.

Manually made catalogues

Manually made catalogues (as Yahoo) were made by human beings and are maintained editorially. The applied pages are evaluated by an editorial office and allocated to a subjet catalogue. However, it is not always possible to allocate a website clearly to one subject.

Besides the search field the inquiring person normally gets a clear schedule with most different themes. Here the inquiring person can make a preselection according to the choosen category, which brings him hierahically more and more to the desired information.

Disadvantage of the catalogue services is, that the total content of the registered websites is being recorded, but only the description of the content evaluated by the editorial staff.

"By means of catalogues I am - as an unexperienced user - able to get a clear view so far in order to find the real search terms for an inquiry by search engines later on."

Robots - indices

The robot generated indice consists generally of three parts. The first part of program is repsonsible for the collection of information. These "collectors" are also named Bots, Webbots, Spider or Crawler. These collectors of information follow all links of a Website. So, they record all pages of a presentation (as far as visibly linked for the Crawler) in order to change to the next linked Website and to start the same game again.

After registration you send the data to the index of the relevant search engine. There the data quantity is being structured by an indice program in such a way, that it can be searched through afterwards.

A further part of program values the search inquiry, links logic operators and sends the inquiry to the data servers, in order to present the results from that point.

As precise the inquiry is made by logical links of terms, as more relevant are the results. At Google you can leave out the operator "and". It is sufficient to unlink individual terms by a blank.

Special tracing services - Metaengines

Besides the catalogues and automised search engines there still exist specialised search engines and Metaengines for the search within different services of the internet (News groups, FTP, etc.) or of different data banks (telephone numbers, bank connections, etc. whose contents cannot be registered by spider or crawlers automatically.

For the search via Metaengines the search room should be limited before, because with the search on 20-30 search engines at the same time the quantity of relevant search results increases also proportionally the quantity of garbage (junk files?)

Quantity is not the same as quality - you should search at the right places and not necessarily everywhere.

Overview of search services

Search engine register:

Register of the FU Berlin,
library of the university on search services in the internet

An online-service of the Technical University Munich
with a large German/English dictionary

An English language overview on search services, universities etc.

An English language overview on search services, divided in categories

An English language overview on search services,
with actual information on search services

An English language overview on search services, universities etc.


- Metaengine of the data centre of the university of Hannover
- besides Google the most popular search engine of our programmers.

English language Metaengine

English overview on search services, universities etc.

English language Metaengine

German search services:

Abacho - full text search in 40 million documents

Acoon - full text search engine with big data file (unfortunately little configuration possibilities, which causes bad quality of the hits from time to time

Allesklar - catalogue with very efficient regional search

AltaVista - one of the oldest and modern search services all over the world with big index and professional search possibilities.

Dino - catalogue with about 200.000 links (one of the bigger ones of its kind)

Excite - search is being made via Fast.com

Fireball is one of the most efficient search engines in the German area. Parallel search can be done in the web (full text), catalogue, news, messages and shops ...

Google - by a completely new ranking technology and capable robots the young full text search engine reached the top field very soon. Google is the most famous search engine in the internet with the biggest index at present.

Lycos - search engine and Community Portal as Joint Venture between Lycos Ind. and Bertelsmann AG.

MSN Search - combination of the "Allesklar" - catalogue with own, additional editorial department. A special main focus lies on a popular range of themes.

The new search engine of Microsoft

Shareloock - catalogue with many regional and thematic special registers

Web.de - extensive German web catalogue with many additional features, for ex. News and Chat search.

Yahoo - the classic among the registers is the most used search help in the internet.

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