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Ranking in the Web catalogues and Web lists.

Web catalogues / Web lists

Web catalogues and web lists work differently than most of search engines. Items are not found by links and taken into the index, but have to be registered individually. Normally the existing URL-registrations are being checked editorially and fed manually.

In web catalogues and web lists you can search comfortably for companies or offers in individual categories. A special advantage is the registration in a web catalogue as for example DMOZ.de: the existing registrations normally increase the PageRank (registered trademark of Google) of your domain and thus can improve the placing at the search engines, if Google identifies the link of the web catalogue on your page.

In the following we list some web catalogues/lists:

Web catalogue free of charge http://www.1A-Portal.de

Web catalogue - BeamMachine.net http://www.beammachine.net

Design and Web design catalogue http://www.designlinks.gfxmaster.de

Advertising agency-in.de http://www.werbeagentur-in.de

Web catalogue Power 2 sell http://www.webdesign.power2sell.de

Web catalogue-web list http://www.webkatalog-webverzeichnis.de

Web catalogue with PR http://www.swoogle.org

Online catalogue http://www.121-shop.de

Linkheim web list http://www.linkheim.de

Defari Internet list http://www.defari.de

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