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The ranking of an internet presentation by Search engine optimization / SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

But how can your customer find "your" website in the internet? He can only find it, if already conception and design consider the finding of your presentation and your presentation is listed under the first hits at the search engines.

As approx. 80 % of users in the internet utilise the search engine Google, your presentation must be listed unter the first 30 hits at Google. In that case more than 100 factors have to be considered for a TOP placing, whereby the relevance (quality rating) of all individual factors are determined newly by Google every 3-4 months.

Unfortunately, we are always confronted with statements from our competitors, that declaration of keywords and login at search engines are sufficient in order to be found.
This statement is absolutely wrong!

The search engine Google does not consider the Meta-Day-Nofification Keywords at all and if "not" from at least one other place in the internet will be linked to your presentation, your login at Google is of no use too.

Here and now we wish to mention some more factors, which influence negatively your placing at Google (and other search engines):

  • Many big graphics
    A picture sometimes says to a human being more than thousand words - a search engine nothing.
  • Flash-Plugins
    In the menu area without alternative linking - a desaster
  • Java-Applets
    On the menu area without alternative linking - double desaster! Non-finding with higher page loading time.
  • Popup Window
    You will be blocked by most of the new browsers
    = popup-blocker - therefore omit totally.
  • Use of frames
    Without contents in the non-frame area - you will be found normally under the search items "This page use frames - your browser unfortunately do not support any frames." - most of businessmen, who we know, do not wish to be found thereunder.
  • Dynamic pages
    Presentations supported by databases via CMS systems - there exist even as many systems with numerous providers as those who exclude a finding at search engines "at all".

Depending on the form of contract we can "guarantee" due to our long years' experience in search engine optimization, that your internet presentation will be found under the first 30 hits at Google.

On this occasion we wish to invite you to come to our office at Hameln. We will show you a number of own Website projects with Top placing at Google among many million hits. Even some over the years long-lasting TOP placed Websites also unter "50 million" and/or "1 milliard hits" at Google. Please test us. We would like to come also to your company and advise you without engagement.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Only the first 30 hits at Google are considered.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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