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Usability and orientation of your internet presentation.

Good functionality / usability

Now your customer found your company's presentation via Google on the upper places, the pages were loaded very fast despite general troubles in the internet and present themselves very seriously - what will come next?

Next it is important how fast your customer can find his way on your website.

Usability and interfacedesign within the websites are always disregarded. This was found fault by most of internet users during the last years (ARD and ZDF online studies).

The user should register at the first view where he is and how he can get further information on your presentation.

The designers of piperweb.de develop for your website an interfacedesign, which enables the user to understand intuitively the usability of presentation and to orientate himself therein.

By means of the statistic evaluations on webhosting offered by piperweb.de you can see, how many visitors attended your presentation, to which pages they had a look, how long they were on your presentation and with which search terms they found your presentation.

Web Design by piperweb.de

If your customer cannot find his way through your presentation, he changes to the next hit on the result list - to your competitor!

webdesign by piperweb.de

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